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to:           All Employees

from:      Matt Wojnarowicz

                  Mark Wagner


subject:  IT Request process      

date:     12/2/11

Good Afternoon,

To best serve our employees, increase efficiency, and reduce costs; we are implementing the following process for all IT requests.

1.  All requests (Hardware ex. pc, printer, network, wireless, etc & Software ex. Dealer Track, Mfg specific, etc & Phones & Website updates, etc.) should be submitted as a ticket to CIS - See Below

a.       Thru email to   support@managedit.com

b.       Thru the web portal:   http://wagner.webofficesite.com

c.       By calling CIS/ManagediNet at ext 5911 or 603-889-4684. 

2.  They will handle all items that are covered by our support agreements

3.  If the item should be handled by an agreement with an outside support group such as Dealer Track or Expert Laser, they will instruct you to reach out to that party.

4. Any items that are outside of our support agreements will be forwarded to us for review and scheduling.

Please follow this process at all times. By doing so, your IT concerns will be handled in a timely fashion. Please note that contacting Matt, Jason, or Pete directly may result in a longer time to resolution. 

Thank you.


Helpdesk Procedure


We thought that it might be helpful to all if we discussed the best practices for the helpdesk ticketing procedure. Typically, the process begins with an e-mail to helpdesk@itguardian.com .


Another means of submitting a ticket is by using the form located at http://tt.itguardian.com .


 If a problem you are experiencing affects a specific group of users, please consult with your supervisor firsthand to determine the appropriate contacts to include (i.e. “power users” for specific applications, building managers for required network/power/hardware assistance.)


The “Subject” section of the e-mail will become the ticket’s summary in the ticketing system, so please include the following whenever possible:


         The “computer name” or model of the printer you are having troubles with

o     You can find the name of your computer by going to the Start menu> Right click on My Computer> Properties > Computer Name tab > “Full Computer Name”)


         Provide a brief description of your troubles (i.e. application/software description, hardware description)


The “Body” of the e-mail becomes the bulk of the ticket itself so please provide as much detail, as possible.  For example:


  • Your first and last name
    • If the end user is different the person submitting the ticket, please include their first and last name as well.
  • Any error messages or screen shots - Please provide a written explanation of what you are experiencing as well as the history of the problem and any troubleshooting steps previously taken by end-user to resolve.
  • Estimate of the total number of impacted users
  • How this problem affects your job performance – how much is the workflow disrupted by the problem being reported?
  • Best method of contact – e-mail address, cell number and/or primary telephone number
  • Information regarding your availability - is there a time that you will not be able to work with a member of our technical staff?
    • Please allow enough time for both the technician and yourself to work together to replicate, investigate, test and resolve the issue at hand.


The majority of our assistance helpdesk calls for can be offered remotely during normal business hours but there are instances where an onsite visit is required. These special cases will be hard scheduled in advance to cause as little inconvenience as possible.


Once again, we do ask that you make the time to work with our technical staff to recreate the problem when troubleshooting both remotely and onsite. For your benefit and satisfaction, we then ask that you test the functionality of your system with our technician shortly after finding a resolution. If you are unable to test functionality right away, please notify us immediately if the problem has not been resolved or with a confirmation when it has.


By responding the system-generated e-mails with further information or updates in system behavior, we are able to keep relevant notes in one place so we can assist you better with this and future requests. Keeping information within the ticketing system allows us to access information in a searchable knowledge base to insure constant efficiency.


We understand that sometimes it’s not convenient to submit a ticket via e-mail yourself.  Although it is best for us to speak directly with the user experiencing the problem, we understand that is not always a possibility. If this is ever the case, please feel free to call our helpdesk at:


603-889-4684 and select Option 1


Thank you for your business and cooperation! We look forward to our continued partnership,

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